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Wedding hacks and ideas to save you time and money

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to go ahead with no hitches or issues. If you are worrying about whether everything will run smoothly from start to finish, checkout our top tips and wedding hacks  and ideas which will save you time and money.

 Prior to the wedding…

  • We may be biased but having a wedding site is key to making your wedding planning much easier. Include the address of your website on your save the dates and invitations. Once your guests RSVP online you can easily gather emails of all guests attending enabling you to contact them with any changes to plans or even to send thank yous after the wedding has taken place.
  • When choosing a company for wedding invitations consider a company that will print the addresses on the envelopes for you in fun font. This saves you so much time as writing each address is very time consuming and you can easily seek help and recruits from family who can send you addresses of family members by email.
  • Similar to the above, consider the same company for your thank you cards as they’ll already have a list of your guests on file or if you don’t want to print actual thank you cards, just use your database from your wedding website to send an “e thank you”.
  • Unless you are very patient and a dab hand at DIY its best to leave wedding invitations to the professionals as it can be very time consuming.
  • If you are using RSVP cards when you are sending these cards out put a number on the back of each card keep a corresponding list with the number assigned to each guest. That way if someone sends the card back to you; however the handwriting is awful or if they forget to let you know who they are then you’ll have a way of easily checking.
  • If you are getting married onsite ask your venue to bring the flowers, lanterns, decor etc from your ceremony location to your wedding reception.

On the day…

  • Put a spare tissue for any happy tears and face blotting wipes to remove any oily sheen from your face in your bouquet.
  • Put a little bit of talcum powder in your high heels during the day as it will keep feet from sweating and making your shoes uncomfortable. Obviously this will only work with certain types of shoes and not sling backs etc.
  • Using gel inserts in your shoes are also vital. There is nothing worse than a bride with uncomfortable feet for the day!
  • Hairspray is great at reducing static on bridesmaid or flower girl dresses and if you are wearing a veil spray a little hairspray on it to stop it sticking to your face and dress.
  • If your wedding dress does not have a built in bra as your dressmaker to put a stitch in your chosen bra on the back of it so it does not constantly peek out above your dress all day long.
  • If you are having an outdoor wedding or if you are taking photos outside on a blustery and windy day having some veil weights to hand is a great idea.
  • Have a dummy layer in the bottom tier of your wedding cake, that way you can save money but still have the show-stopping effect of the 3 tier wedding cake.
  • Extend the burn time of candles and tea lights during your ceremony, reception and centerpieces by asking your venue to freeze them the night before.
  • Wear heel protectors whether it’s an outdoor wedding or not. Walking down the aisle without falling flat on your face is hard enough so make your life easier by wearing heel protectors. They increase the surface of your heel so you won’t sink into the grass which happens a lot during photographs!
  • If you are getting married in a cold location bring lots of cute warm white fluffy blankets and flasks of a hot drink to keep your bridal party warm during photographs. When you look at photographs you can tell if someone looks cold…not a good look!
  • Ask your florist to help you dry out your bouquet and boutonnieres which are lovely keep sakes.
  • Duct tape is brilliant for removing dirt at the end of dresses after photography (or too much dancing!)
  • Leave some white wine in your guest room where you can easily use it on any red wine stains.
  • If your wedding reception is outdoors then a lot more needs to be thought of in terms of keeping guests comfortable. Keep bugs and annoying flies at bay by requesting your venue to spray bug spray on table legs and chairs. Additionally given that bugs hate anything with a citrus smell, have citrus tea lights on each table or lavender/citrus flowers.
  • When choosing a venue for your wedding ask whether they will serve “restaurant service” or “hotel service” when serving your main course? It might seem like not very important but restaurant service compared to hotel service is a nice touch. Restaurant service is where everyone at the one table is plated their food at the same time leaving no one without food. Hotel service on the other hand is where everyone eating one type of food is served first no matter what table they are sitting at, for example everyone eating beef are served first. It’s important to remember that the little touches like this will remain in people’s minds for years to come.
  • It’s also worth considering not having your table plan displayed before dining. Having it displayed tends to make your guests mingle only with those they are seating with whereas the surprise is nice and ensures that guests mingle and chat with everyone.

Lastly not so much of a hack but still think it’s a brilliant idea…when we got married our venue put a different dessert on each table. The idea being, that guests would get up from their seats and go to different tables to swap desserts whilst at the same time mingling and chat to other guests. It was a brilliant ice breaker and got different groups of people talking on the day which before that had never met.

For ideas on emergency essentials to bring with you on the day, we’ve put together a checklist detailing what to pack and leave in your guestroom at your venue. Click here to view our checklist.

Is there anything else you feel should be added to our wedding hacks and ideas? Please leave us a comment!

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