Wedding Day Timeline Guide

Wedding Day Timeline Guide

So the big day is drawing near and you’ve no idea how the day will flow? We’ve put together a handy timeline guide which will help you figure out the running order of the day. The timeline of your wedding day can vary greatly as it depends on numerous factors such as whether it’s a morning, afternoon or evening ceremony. For the purposes of this guide, we’ve ran with the popular lunch time ceremony slot of 2pm. The below timeline is just a guide and the times will obviously vary enormously as every wedding is different and every bride and grooms requirements vary.

Additionally some brides and grooms prefer to leave the run of the day a surprise whereas some prefer to leave a rough guide of some the timeline on their wedding site just so guests don’t disappear after the ceremony for an hour or two and miss the start of the meal.

  • 6:00/7:00am– Hooray the morning has finally arrived! Let hope you got a few hours sleep and you feel nice and rested! Take a few moments to just sit quietly and ponder the day ahead, its rare you will get these few quiet moments again as the day progresses! Enjoy your breakfast in bed (eating a big greasy fry up probably isn’t advised, something like porridge would be a great option as it keeps you full for longer! Have a shower and look forward to the day ahead! (don’t forget for some hair styles you will need to have washed your hair the night before, not the morning of your wedding do don’t forget the all important shower cap!)
  • 8:00am– Depending on how many are in your bridal party and if your mother is also getting her hair and make up done you’ll need to allow approximately 45 minutes to an hour for each person. With regards to makeup its normal that the bride gets her hair and makeup done last so that it stays put the longest! Don’t forget to wear something that will not only look nice in photos but is also easy to change out of so you don’t mess up your hair and makeup!
  • 10:00-11:00am- Photographers and videographers arrive to your home or hotel room. You are best to just leave them at it, and get on with the preparations they are the professionals and can easily blend into the background so you don’t even know they are there!
  • 11.30am/12 noon –Once you are happy with your hair and makeup put your dress on to allow your photographer and videographer some time to take family pictures of you in your dress with your loved ones. Just be careful of anything spilling on your dress!
  • 12.30/1:00pm -Wedding cars leave. This time obviously will vary a lot however depending on what time the ceremony is at and how far you are located from your ceremony location. Videographer and photographer also leave.
  • 1:30pm -Allow time for photography outside church or venue where your ceremony is located. Just try to time it well so not to arrive the same time as guests arriving prior to the ceremony, or you may choose a second location for your photographs prior to the wedding taking place.
  • 2:00pm….And the ceremony begins (tissues at the ready!)
  • 2:30/ 3:00pm -Depending on what type of ceremony you are having (humanist and civil ceremonies can be sometimes be as short as 20 minutes whereas church weddings sometimes can be an hour) its best to take your bridal party photos straight after the ceremony leaving the rest of the day to catch up with friends and family! Don’t forget to ask your venue to leave you some champagne and canapés if this time clashes!
  • 4:00pm– If your ceremony, photography and reception are in the one place this is a lot lot easier, as you basically stroll from where you take photography to your wedding reception! Now your photography is complete kick back and enjoy your champagne and mingle with family and guests. Here’s hoping your venue left you some canapés! Don’t forget to sneak off around this time to freshen up, re apply makeup and just to take 5 minutes to sit in peace and quiet!
  • 5.30/6:30pm – Call for dinner and bride/groom entrance to wedding reception once all guests are seated. How much time to allow for the meal again varies a lot. It can vary depending on how quick the service is in the venue, how many courses you are having as part of your meal and how long the speeches are.
  • 7:00pm Speeches – obviously the time for this will vary as there are so many different ways you can do the speeches. Some people prefer them before the meal whereas others prefer them after the meal. Also another popular recent trend is to have them scattered throughout different courses, for example the best man after the starter, bride’s dad after the next course, and so on.
  • 9:00pm – Cake cutting. Now is also the time to sneak away again for a few minutes to freshen before the first dance and band starts.
  • 9:00pm– Band sets up.
  • 9.30pm-10:00pm -Band starts and plays your first dance song. Now you can truly relax, let your hair down “so to speak” as all the main “jobs” of the day are done and you can dance the night away!
  • 12:00 midnight– guests are given the option of food again later on in in the evening. There are so many fun food options nowadays for guests other than cocktail sausages and chips such as BBQs etc.
  • 1:00am till late– DJ (or ipod)

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