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Top tips for keeping you relaxed and calm on the morning of your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important, cherished and memorable days of your life. Ensuring the night before and the morning of your wedding is chilled out and relaxed is key to getting this big celebration off to a wonderful start. With this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips to help you prepare for the night before your big day as well as the all important night wedding morning.

Get a wedding website

Having a wedding website ensures all your guests know and are familiar with the “what, where and when” of your big day and with Google maps integration there’s no chance they can get lost! Additionally extra details on where to park, times of transportation etc can be provided therefore limiting any hassle and calls on the morning of the wedding. Having people contact you prior to the wedding is okay but having relations contacting you on the morning of the wedding is a “no no”. Assigning a groomsman as the point of contact for any queries on the morning of the wedding is best.

Retire to your bedroom early the night before

Even if you think you will be too excited to sleep, retire to your bedroom early as having some peace and quiet the night before is so important (no matter how hard your bridesmaids try to convince you to have one more cocktail in the bar!) So get to your room at a decent time and have a nice long soak in the bath, preferably with some lavender infused bath oils. (Origins stock a fabulous lavender and vanilla bath oil that smells just divine). Pop some lavender oil drops on your pillow and have either a warm glass of milk or some Viridian Cherry Night which will help your easily nod off and get some good quality zzzz.

Practise mindfulness

If you can’t sleep, don’t panic you may just need a helping hand. A great way to relax your mind is my practising mindfulness techniques. A personal favourite of ours is the Headspace app which gives users a 10 minute free guided meditation whilst teaching mindfulness techniques. We just love this app!

Practise some sleep inducing yoga moves

A great yoga pose to help you to sleep well is the “Viparita Karani” or Legs-up-the-Wall Pose. It takes just three minutes and it can really help you to nod off. Simply, fold a blanket into a narrow stack that’s the length of your spine. Sit close to a wall, ensure you’ve lots of space and place the blanket behind you, perpendicular to the wall. Lie back onto the blanket, then scoot your bum as close to the wall as possible and send your legs up. Rest with your arms by your sides for three minutes.

Eat a good breakfast the morning of your wedding

So many brides make the terrible mistake of skipping breakfast altogether the morning of their wedding. The old saying that a good breakfast sets you up for the day is definitely worth heeding, even just for this one day alone. Eating porridge is great for slow releasing energy or if you want a lower carbohydrate option, eggs and smoked salmon are a great choice.

No planning during the morning

Designate someone to be the point of contact for any phone calls and have all arrangements made the previous day for decor etc to be brought to the venue. No last minute plans should be made on the morning of your wedding, the only task that needs to be complete (and it’s a very important one) is for any cash envelopes to be brought to the venue for celebrant or priest, photographer, band and any other suppliers. Assign a groomsman to look after this very important job.

Surround yourself with calm people

Ensure that there is a zen atmosphere throughout the whole morning to help keep you and everyone relaxed. If a member of your bridal party tends to get a bit “wound up” and over excited then have someone on hand to distract them with a job that’ll keep them busy! Likewise if you tend to be an anxious person only surround yourself with those that will have a calming influence on you. There will be lots of people coming and going from your house or hotel all morning, including photographers, videographers, florists, makeup artists, hair dressers and bridal party so you need to make sure there is a calm atmosphere and everyone takes everything in their stride…”no stress” is the motto of the morning!

Confirm all appointments, times and plan the day prior to the wedding

This is imperative to ensure that the morning goes off without a hitch and a good solid plan is needed even more if you need to travel to the hairdressers and beauty salon. Usually hair is done first (bridesmaids then bride) followed by make up (again bridesmaids followed by bride). Make sure to leave enough time for travel however ideally you will have your hair stylist and makeup artist coming to your house and or hotel room…it’s one less thing to worry about. Ask advice of your hair stylist and makeup artists on times as they will have lots of experience and can best advise you of times depending on how many are in your bridal party.

Additionally it’s very important to leave contingency time in your plan just in case there are any delays or hick ups on the morning, for example if you hair stylist is delayed getting there. It’s a good idea to be ready an hour before you want to leave for your ceremony. This gives you time to relax, spend time with your family and bridal party without feeling stressed or rushed.

Don’t drink too much alcohol in the morning

Obviously there will be lots of excitement and celebrations in the morning of the wedding and rightly so it’s such a big day and one you’ll remember and cherish for your rest of your life. To celebrate enjoy a little glass of “bucks fizz” (Prosecco or Champagne mixed with Orange Juice) or a little glass of champagne but don’t overdo it as you’ll crash and feel dreadful just before the ceremony starts. It’s a good idea to have some headache tablets to hand as well as champagne can very easily cause a very unwanted headache which is something you don’t want!

Remember to relax and enjoy every moment of the morning of your wedding. It’s such a lovely time. At some point, take a step back from all and just observe everyone, remembering and savouring that precious moment. So, pop on your favourite tunes, enjoy a mini glass of Prosecco or Champagne and let’s get this beautiful day started!

Is there anything else you feel should be added to the list? Please leave us a comment!

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