Destination Wedding Website

Destination Wedding Website

If you are planning on getting married abroad, then being super organised is very important. Everyone knows lots and lots of planning and organisation goes into a wedding, however when it comes to destination weddings, it will take at least ten times more planning. If you’re feeling a little over whelmed by the numerous tasks and organisation that lay ahead of you, one tool that will definitely make your life a lot easier (and less stressful!) is a wedding website.

When it comes to getting married abroad you definitely don’t want to let your guests fend for themselves. Communicating with them has never been more imperative and a wedding site is the best way to keep everyone updated.

Destination Wedding Website

If you plan on getting married abroad then a wedding website is the best way to communicate details with your guests.

A two way form of communication, with a wedding website, connecting with your guests before the event takes place has never been more fun!

It is however vital to set up your wedding website early on in the wedding planning process as the earlier it is set up the likelihood more people will attend your wedding. Additionally if a website is set up early on in the planning process guests can book flights early to avail of any discounted flights as well as possibly planning their own vacation in the same country pre or post wedding.

Why have a destination wedding website? You may ask yourself why you need to have a destination wedding planning website when they are so many other tasks that you need to complete. Checkout our list of benefits…

  • With many wedding website designs to choose from, a theme can easily be tailored towards the type of wedding you are having, e.g. a nautical designed website for a wedding by the sea. It’s your chance to give your guests a “taste of what’s to come” at your wedding.
  • On a wedding website you are able to tell guests which flights to book or which trains to catch. You are additionally able to communicate to them details if you’ve group transport from the airport or train stations, for instance by bus or taxi to the wedding venue. Your guests will appreciate the easy access to updates and communication and it will reduce any travel anxieties they may have.
  • With online RSVP it’s the most efficient way to collect RSVP’s as you’ll receive an email every time someone RSVP’s and you’ll easily be able to gather an email database of everyone attending.
  • With a wedding website you can also easily inform guests at any time leading up to the wedding any changes or anything they need to be aware of. This is even more apparent when it comes to getting married abroad. For example you could inform guests if the venue only takes cash at the bar or there is currently a heat wave or snow storm in your chosen country at the moment so they need to dress appropriately!
  • By introducing the wedding destination early to guests, it also gives them the chance to possibly plan a vacation around your wedding. Tell your guests why you chose the location and give them plenty options of things to do in the area before and after the wedding. This is guaranteed to get your guests excited!
  • A wedding site can help you create a bit of hype about the big day. Guests can easily view images of your venue abroad which creates excitement. Also including a back story as to how you met or detailed information the bridal party are early icebreakers.
  • When RSVP’ing guests can easily suggest songs for your band or DJ to play at your wedding or they can also advise on any dietary requirements.
  • One of the biggest benefit of a wedding website is that you can make as many changes as you wish before the website goes live.
  • Including Google Maps integration on your wedding website additionally ensures that your guests won’t get lost travelling to your chosen wedding venue by car from the airport.

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Are they any other benefits that could be added to our list? Drop us a comment!

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