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Wedding RSVP Website

It is said that planning a wedding is possibly one of the most stressful things one can undertake in their lifetime. There is so much to do and the list of tasks can simply seem never ending. Choosing a venue, deciding on who to invite and which table to seat them at, picking your menu, dress, flowers, suits etc etc can seem daunting to even the most organised of people.

Planning your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest occasions in a couple’s life; unfortunately, it’s usually filled with stress. One very important way you can ease the stress associated with planning a wedding is to streamline your RSVP process by using a wedding RSVP website which basically enables you to organize and manage your wedding RSVP online.

Wedding RSVP WebsiteThis not only benefits the all important wedding budget given it limits the need for printing specific RSVP cards but you can also easily gather a database of guests attending / not attending given all online RSVP’s come to your email.  You will get emails when a guest responds and you can visit the website and manage your event.

Having a database of your guests attending means you can easily contact guests if any last minute arrangements or minor changes to plans are made.  This is extremely beneficial for weddings abroad whereby there are lots of details to advise guests of, travel plans, transportation to and from the airport etc.

Some of the best wedding websites out there include this great feature and at Wedding Pixie we ensure this process is seamless and easy to incorporate into your wedding site.  Our websites let you big day to your guests. You can simply let guests know that they can RSVP through your website so they don’t have to juggle different URLs to find out about your special day.

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